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Posted on 2010.08.24 at 19:50
Well hey! I guess I was wrong.

It's certainly happened before.

I shall continue to vent my spleen in this forum! Or talk about good things, like all the projects I'm not doing, but will very, very soon, and how cute Zoe is.

I'm glad you're still here too my friends.

-R who is also E (or is it the other way around?)


Is this it, livejournal?

Posted on 2010.08.21 at 13:51
Well, no one's really in here any more, huh?

That's too bad because sometimes I do want to rant about stuff, have my friends hear it, but have it not be all facebook public. Sigh.

It feels like standing in an empty room now though.

I guess I'll turn off the lights and close the door on my way out...

Posted on 2010.01.26 at 20:34
Watching guitar documentary It Might Get Loud (Jack White, Whyte? The Edge, and Jimmy Paige) Have had a veeeery strong martini (tasted like vodka mainly) and a glass of wine.

Dinner was roasted brussel sprouts (meh) and mango ginger chicken (um... there's a really good recipe out there, I just threw some shit together with a pre-roasted chicken... yeah, it's tech week!)

M was crazy again in front of people. "oh it's 6 and you're still working. This looks like crap"

Ha. Hahahahaha!

That's right, today I had a nice little talk with Big Boss Man. He says "well, contracts are year by year, and being renewed in a few weeks, so that's a good time to say "This is the number of weeks, and this is your salary, and oh yes, if you don't stop treating your assistant like shit we won't have you back."

So, that's lovely. I may have to 'write something up' have no idea what the format for such a thing is....

HR is involved. Maybe this could end well.

If not, I'm looking for a job. IN the area. Because you know what? I'm. Not. Fucking. Moving. Four years was enough of that shit. And you know what? I like the weather here. Well, for 9 months at least. Shit.

Ok, slightly tipsy, gonna watch the documentary some more.

Also, it isn't reasonable that my mail gets picked up either monday or tuesday byt not both right?

Posted on 2009.10.20 at 21:56
throat burns like FIRE

have temperature

computer being stupid slow

just woke up, did dishes, made bread

can't help but feel that I'm typhoid mary making food and stuff, but gotta eat tomorrow right?


Posted on 2009.06.24 at 22:56
I've signed up for twitter finally.

I'm not sure how I feel about it, but so many folks are on it.

So here I am, um... haven't tooled around on the site long enough to know where/how to find you, so come find me!



For Pete's sake folks...

Posted on 2008.09.27 at 14:25
Current Mood: angryangry
I was almost gonna try to compose an entire essay on this, but I'm too lazy. I'll just state the important points.

The other side is not evil.

Democrats aren't evil.

Republicans aren't evil.

Most of them (That goes for both sides) anyway.

People who vote for the other party have REASONS to do so. They really, truly with all their souls have good reasons. For some people abortion really is killing babies. For some people cutting taxes kills living children.

Please, please, please stop hating each-other. Please give the other side the respect of believing that they are as smart as you, as moral as you, and as reasonable as you are. Or as you aren't. It depends on the topic.

I know many people from both parties and I know this is true. As many stupid people who just follow one party, there are that many doing the same thing on the other side.

If you really believe that half the country is stupid or evil, then there's something wrong with you. That's all there is to it.

We're taught to be tolerant of each-other's ethnicities, sexual preferences, religious beliefs. Why can't we at least be polite about each-other's Politics?

Other notes:

No you don't hate Palin for her voice, come ON people!
No you Don't hate Obama for his. Grow up.

Don't assume every one in the room, at the table, in the group agrees with you. Sure they'll keep quiet. But Silence is not consensus. Think about how you sound.

And that's my self-ritious rant of the day.

I'm truly sorry if I've seriously offended anyone, But i'm kinda sick and tired of the ammount of hate directed around these elections. I've been sick of it since 2004 and It's my damn blog.

Posted on 2007.05.27 at 09:25
All right folks. After a whirlwind stop in Michigan (which included a little jaunt to Rochester NY site of my sister's college education, and graduation where we heart Bill Clinton and a man named Sasakawa, who apparently has cured (mostly) leprosy) I"m off to Colorado!

if I get bored in Nebraska (12 hours of flat, straight road I shudder) I may call you! BEWARE!!

also, here is my address

Elizabeth Moss
c/o Central City Opera
PO Box 218
Central City Colorado

if you send me something, I promise to send you something nifty in return!!

and you people who have graduated! Congratulations again! I"m sorry I dropped off the face of the planet and was not in touch with you over the last month or two, I really miss chatting with folks online! I love you! Congrats again for making it through college without getting arrested or knocked up or (too) addicted to illegal drugs. (those of you to whom this does not apply, well, sorry)

leave me comments! tell me what you're doing this summer!


How LOTR SHOULD have ended.

Posted on 2006.11.24 at 20:28
"Can you imagine what would have happened if we'd tried to WALK all the way?"


tee. hee.

(which I needed, since I just learned I'm definately NOT keeping the job. Fuck...)


Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted on 2006.11.24 at 00:28
I am thankful for each and every one of you.


Marzipan fruitys!

Posted on 2006.11.17 at 23:37
So I've been meaning to play with marzipan for a long time now. The House Thornlea Newsletter deadline Sunday was a perfect excuse!
So I made some marzipan fruit. And one... I guess it's a cookie type thing. I'll have to write the article/talk about what I did tomorrow though 'cause eI'm tired. Anyway, cute picture of tiny lemons and oranges made out of almond/sugar paste should be below!

and I finnally made this shit work
still cant seem to make stuff hide behind the cut, but alt least I made it smaller! There are a real lemon and a real orange as well as the marzipan ones. W00t!

anyway, things have gotten COLD here! Which I suppose is what they're supposed to do in the winter. sigh.

ok, yes, theh picture is sideways, I"M GOING TO BED!

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