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Thursday's Child

has far to go...

30 July 1981
Hi, Elizabeth here. If you're reading this, you probably already know me... but still, I feel compelled to write a profile at last.
I'm 27, a college graduate with a degree in "Classics and Religion" and a minor in "Theater Studies" what this really means is that I'm an over-educamated Theater Technician. I make things. All kinds of things.
Also I am a pagan. I'm a third degree Wiccan from a tiny, new tradition called Llywth Tylluan. Also, I'm a founding member of my University's Wiccan group. I've been practicing since 1996. (and I feel old!) Not done learning though, by any means!
I read alot... mostly fantasy and Sci-Fi, but also what we call "literature"
and thats all I can think of this evening.